The Package...

Each jingle in the StreamLine package provides you with:

  • Standalone jingles for transitions.
  • Long and short ramps to use with voice-overs or your live talent.
  • Short shotgun sings.
  • Completely customized tracks to accomodate YOUR station's name and musical logo. No compromises!
  • Vocals and tracks that sound great with today's music.
  • The world-famous quality you expect from JAM.

You can listen to StreamLine as produced for several different stations, to hear how JAM completely adapts the tracks and vocals for each one. To change the station, click on one of the logos on the right side of the page. For more information just contact JAM today!

K97-5 logo

Cut by cut...

Cut #
Long Ramp
1 Today's Best Music
2 Today's Best Music
3 Frequency
4 Logo
5 Today's Best Music
6 Today's Best Music
7 Today's Best Music
8 Frequency
9 Weekend
10 Today's Best Music
11 Logo
12 Today's Best Music
13 Holidays
14 Top Hour
15 Weather
K97-5 logo
KWAV logo
More-FM logo

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