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Jon Wolfert talks with singer Rosana Eckert on Rewound Radio

Every Sunday afternoon from 3-6PM Eastern, JAM founder Jon Wolfert does a live 3-hour DJ show online at Rewound Radio. In addition to playing the best music from the '50s, '60s, '70s and '80s, Jon stops a few times an hour for "Jingle Time" segments, to play classic jingles from all over and discuss their history. Sometimes there are guest interviews. On the September 8, 2019 show, Jon spoke with Rosana Eckert who sings in many of the JAM vocal groups. They talked about the joys of jingle singing, the skills required to do it professionally, and how she got started. You'll also hear a track from Rosana's new CD. We think you'll enjoy their conversation, so we've uploaded that segment from the show. Join Jon on Sundays for more!

Jon & Rosana

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