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Brian Hamilton

December 1, 2018 - Brian P. Hamilton began working at JAM in 1980. Since then, virtually no project left our studios that Brian didn't contribute to in some way. He quickly worked his way up from the dubbing and editing room, to become a full-fledged recording engineer and, ultimately, our chief engineer. We lost him today after a 3 year battle with cancer. His work ethic never wavered. Throughout all the ups and downs of treatment he bravely kept on working as best he could, and we were glad to have him. Three days ago he was in the studio preparing for a session. Now he's gone, at age 59. His nickname was "Brain", which is how a bakery mis-spelled his name on a birthday cake decades ago. Every studio truly needs a brain to keep it running. We were lucky to have Brian in that capacity at JAM for 38 years. Our condolences to his wife Patti and his three children.  -jmw

JAM Creative Productions specializes in musical radio jingles (station IDs) for broadcasters, the internet and individuals.

JAM also produces commercial jingles for advertisers and ad agencies, promo and thematic music for TV, and custom music for corporate clients.

We use the finest team of vocalists, musicians, writers and producers, and our custom-built facilities, to create musical images heard around the world.